Fraggle Rock Happy Meal Car Pin - Red

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Product description

Fraggle Rock Happy Meal Car Pin - Red

Buckle up for a rad ride down memory lane with the Fraggle Rock Happy Meal Car Pin featuring Red Fraggle! This nostalgia-packed pin is not just a reproduction of the beloved 90s McDonald's Happy Meal toys; it's a radish-themed homage to Red Fraggle's adventurous spirit.

Imagine Red Fraggle behind the wheel of her miniature radish car, zipping through Fraggle Rock with undeniable flair. This enamel pin captures the essence of her playful personality and love for the unconventional. The attention to detail is impeccable, down to the mushroom-shaped wheels and the vibrant colors that pop like a radish fresh from the garden.

Whether you're a Fraggle Rock aficionado or a fan of quirky, retro-inspired accessories, this pin is a must-have. Fasten it to your denim jacket, backpack, or hat, and let Red Fraggle's radish ride add a dash of whimsy to your everyday style. It's not just a pin; it's a rad reminder of the carefree days when Happy Meals were an adventure, and every radish was a potential mode of transportation!

Get ready to roll with Red Fraggle and her rad radish car – because in the world of Fraggle Rock, even a vegetable can be a source of rad fun!

Pin Details:

  • Approx. 1.5"
  • Black Nickel Hard Enamel
  • Two Black Rubber Pin Clutches

**Officially licensed by The Jim Henson Company**