fraggle boober standing with his hands behind him, wearing a scarf and hat, smiling.

Boober Enamel Pin

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Product description

We can't express enough how thrilled we are to be partnered with The Jim Henson Company and the wonderful Fraggles! Fraggle Rock is something we hold dear to our hearts. Their messaging, their energy, their personalities and their music...oh their music is something that will last forever. Rewatching the show now, we have much more appreciation for the craftsmanship and themes Jim Henson put into the world of Fraggle Rock.

We're kicking off our series with an introduction to each of the Fraggles in hopes that they'll rekindle your love for the Fraggles as well as introduce them to a whole new audience.

Boober Enamel Pin

According to Boober Fraggle, there are only two things certain in this world: death and laundry. Boober is terrified by the former and fascinated by the latter. He is also paranoid and superstitious. According to Boober, anything that can go wrong surely will, and when it does, it will inevitably happen to him. Boober denies that he is a hypochondriac; he claims he is just practicing the symptoms because he’s bound to get the diseases. But Boober’s negative attitude has a big plus – he can see real trouble coming a mile away, a useful attribute in a land of eternal optimists. Boober’s two joys in life are doing the Fraggle laundry and cooking. He loves spending a fine morning washing socks, an action-packed afternoon watching them dry – and a delightful evening baking up a delectably light radish soufflé to serve to his friends.


Approx. 1.25"
Black Nickel Hard Enamel

Two Black Rubber Pin Clutches


**Officially licensed by The Jim Henson Company**