Who are we?

Founded in the Summer of 2017, Little Shop of Pins is a wearable art and lifestyle brand operating out of Portland, Oregon. Little Shop of Pins produces pins and other products inspired by pop culture, art and life. As Mister Rogers' once said, "Love is at the root of everything." It is the driving force of what keeps us afloat and we at Little Shop of Pins believe it wholeheartedly. We try our best to bring happiness with a splash of nostalgia and a heavy dose of positive energy to all of our products.

We at Little Shop of Pins collaborate with artists and designers from around the globe who share the same vision and passion for art, witty humor, silly puns, deep cuts and cuteness overload.

We truly believe in this "pin thing" and the community in which we're happy to be a part. Pins aren't just something you wear, it's something you share and communicate. It connects people and starts conversations which may have been missed otherwise.