Mokey Enamel Pin

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We can't express enough how thrilled we are to be partnered with The Jim Henson Company and the wonderful Fraggles! Fraggle Rock is something we hold dear to our hearts. Their messaging, their energy, their personalities and their music...oh their music is something that will last forever. Rewatching the show now, we have much more appreciation for the craftsmanship and themes Jim Henson put into the world of Fraggle Rock.

We're kicking off our series with an introduction to each of the Fraggles in hopes that they'll rekindle your love for the Fraggles as well as introduce them to a whole new audience.

Mokey Enamel Pin

Mokey is an artist, poet and philosopher. She seems to be in touch with some sort of higher Fraggle consciousness. Mokey is fascinated by the beauty and intricacy of the world around her, and is always seeking new ways to share this feeling with others. Her observations may lead her to write a poem about dripping water or to paint a picture of the perfect radish leaf. Like all Fraggles, Mokey can get a little carried away – a dab of paint to cover a crack in the wall can lead easily to an epic mural. Also, her do-gooding nature can sometimes get her into trouble – like the time when she decided that eating the Doozer constructions was hurting the Doozer’s feelings, and so the Doozers almost had to leave Fraggle Rock because they had no more room to build. But her oblique, holistic insights are unique in Fraggledom and enable her to come up with very creative solutions to some tricky problems. Mokey may have her head in the clouds, but she’s also very courageous and resourceful. Her job is to brave the Gorgs’ garden and collect the radishes the Fraggles eat.


Approx. 1.25"
Black Nickel Hard Enamel

Two Black Rubber Pin Clutches


**Officially licensed by The Jim Henson Company**


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Isabella E.


Sarah P.

Got this for my mom cause Mokey is her favorite. Loved the quality and the price and thought the customer service was amazing even leaving me a little thank you note on the order form with some stickers :)) 10/10 would recommend and buy again