Leatherface Enamel Pin

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Product description

 Leatherface Enamel Pin

Introducing Leatherface, the avant-garde lumberjack of the horror world! In one hand, he's delicately cradling an intricately carved woodland critter. It's like Leatherface decided to take a break from the whole chainsaw massacre gig and try his hand at chainsaw crafting instead!

And in his other hand, well, he's got a chainsaw, of course! Because even artistic chainsaw enthusiasts have to stay true to their roots. You see, Leatherface is a master of balancing life's dualities, like artistry and annihilation. He's here to show you that it's possible to appreciate fine woodwork while also keeping your chainsaw skills sharp.

This Leatherface Enamel Pin is the perfect conversation starter, reminding us all that even the most notorious horror villains can have a soft side... as long as you don't cross them while they're busy sculpting their dreams (or nightmares)!


  • Approx. 1.75"
  • Soft Enamel
  • Two Black Rubber Pin Clutches