Jareth Fridge Magnet

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Product description

Jareth Fridge Magnet

Introducing the Jareth Fridge Magnet, a mesmerizing tribute to the enigmatic Goblin King himself, Jareth, from the iconic film Labyrinth. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this magnet captures Jareth in his mind-bending room of stairs.

Picture this: Jareth, with his piercing gaze and windswept hair, stands defiantly amidst a labyrinthine cascade of stairs that seemingly defy the laws of physics.

Every glance at the Jareth Fridge Magnet transports you to the heart of the Labyrinth, evoking the magic and intrigue of the cult classic. It's not just a magnet; it's a portal to a world where challenges abound, and the Goblin King reigns supreme.

Perfect for fans of fantasy and those who cherish the magic of Labyrinth, this magnet is a small yet powerful addition to any collection. Let Jareth's captivating presence grace your fridge, reminding you that within the twists and turns of life, magic is always just a step away.

Magnet Details

  • 3 inches x 2 inches
  • Durable high-Gloss and weather-resistant finish