The Polly Pocket Purple Compact Pin: Behind the Scenes of a Tiny Triumph

by Little Shop Of Pins on Feb 21, 2024

The Polly Pocket Purple Compact Pin: Behind the Scenes of a Tiny Triumph


Polly Pocket. The name alone conjures images of miniature worlds, endless possibilities, and a sprinkle of childhood magic. So, when we decided to create a Polly Pocket Purple Compact Pin, we knew it had to live up to that legacy. But as anyone who's ever brought a vision to life knows, the journey is rarely smooth sailing. Today, we're peeling back the curtain to share the challenges and triumphs behind this little pin with a big personality.

The Flimsy Foe: Hinge Hurdles

Our first hurdle? The hinge. We envisioned a compact that opened and closed with satisfying ease, but the initial design proved too delicate. Due to the mold and metal, we were unable to 3D mold the hinge to the iron plating. At first the hinges needed to be welded and glued to the metal. Unfortunately, during our stress testing, the hinges kept detaching! Obviously we weren't satisfied with the durability of the attachment so we went back to the drawing board, meticulously testing different materials and thicknesses until we found the perfect balance between sturdiness and smooth operation and most importantly, durability.

good and bad hinges

Polly's Not-So-Magnetic Moment

Next up: Polly herself! We wanted her to be firmly secured within the compact, ready for pin-sized adventures. But the first magnets we used just weren't strong enough. Imagine the horror – a Polly Pocket pin where Polly goes missing? We couldn't bear the thought! So, we embarked on a quest for special, super-strength magnets small enough for our tiny heroine, ensuring she'd stay put no matter the journey.

polly pocket compact hinge pin magnetgood and bad magnets

Building Strength, Layer by Layer

But the adventure didn't stop there. We wanted a pin that felt substantial, something you could proudly display without worry. After numerous samples, we decided to incorporate alloy metal in order to mold the hinges to the pin instead of welding them. Doing this allowed the metal for the enamel artwork to remain iron so the magnet could attach more securely, minimizing the risk of accidental detachments.

single layer versus double

Months of Tweaks, Moments of Magic

It took months of troubleshooting, sampling, and meticulous adjustments, but finally, we held the finished Polly Pocket Purple Compact Pin in our hands. It wasn't just about making another pin; it was a testament to our dedication to quality and the joy of bringing our concept to life.

This pin may seem small, but it represents a big accomplishment. It's a reminder that even the most delightful ideas require hard work, perseverance, a sprinkle of ingenuity and a whole lot of patience. So, the next time you see a Polly Pocket Purple Compact Pin, know that it's didn't just happen overnight – it's a story of challenges met and magic made. And that's something we're pretty proud of.

We hope you like the pin! it's been rewarding to see the final outcome AND it's been great playing with our original Polly Pockets with our nieces!


Jason and Amy

Little Shop of Pins

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  • emily figueroa
    Apr 13, 2024 at 17:32

    Just purchased the Polly Pocket pin and would love to see other vintage toys like Rainbow Brite and Glow worms!


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