Little Artist Series

Little Artist Series / Andrea Cáceres

by Little Shop Of Pins on Sep 13, 2020

Little Artist Series / Andrea Cáceres

Welcome to our Little Artist Series, a little blog where we take a deeper dive into the art and artists we love dearly. 

Next up: New York based artist, Andrea Cáceres!

In a year which forced new ways of meeting and connecting with people, we met Andrea during the virtual Licensing Expo. This year we were supposed to have a booth at the convention center, but with everything that happened, the expo was postponed to 2021. We would’ve been located in the artist section right next to Andrea. So with the inability to meet in person, Andrea was kind enough to reach out and introduce herself to us virtually!  When we met her and saw her work, we immediately fell in love with her art, sense of humor and passion for dogs!! We don’t know much about Andrea so this will be super fun for us all! Be sure to check out her work below and give a follow! 

Instagram: @andrecaceresg  Website:  Twitch:

LSoP: Hi Andrea! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. For those who are being introduced to you for the first time, can you give a little background on you?

Andrea: I'm an illustrator and visual artist from Venezuela. I moved to NYC 4 years ago. I started illustrating just for myself but then realized I could make people feel something. I like to make people smile and have fun with my art so you will find a lot of cute things or jokes about our day to day. I love dogs, they are my favorite muses starting from my dog Tobito, so if you love dogs I invite you to take a look at my work! 

LSoP: Your dog illustrations are so adorable! Your technique is very loose yet each of your breeds are recognizable. How would you describe your art style? 

Andrea: I think is just fun, its very easy and friendly, sometimes a little bit childish but always giving a message. 

LSoP: You recently did DOGA which is you and other dog owners doing yoga together. That is such a fun idea to stay social and healthy. What other activities do you do virtually to stay sane?

Andrea: I like to play games!!! I do Online Catan nights and Skribble nights! 

LSoP: As dog owners, we’re all obsessed with our pups (as much as we’re willing to admit anyways), but with the pandemic and being home, we’re spending way more time with them. Do you and your dog, Tobi, get into arguments about doing dishes and folding laundry? Our roommates sure like to take over, don’t they?!

Andrea: Tobi and I get into an argument every morning because he is awake and ready to go out and I'm sleeping. So he barks until I wake up. He also wants to be pet 24/7 and usually steals the show on my twitch stream by asking for treats. 

LSoP: Like we said before, we first met you during Virtual Licensing Week. You’ve worked with a lot of respectable companies over the years. How has licensing helped get eyes on your work? Do you have any tips for artists who are interested in licensing but don’t know where to start?

Andrea: Definitely it helped to bring eyes to my work, collaborating with companies like Crane or Link NYC you can reach people that are not usually in your niche - for artists, try to find your own style, be authentic of what you like and it will be reflected in your work. 

LSoP: The dog culture has always been around, but thanks to Instagram, animals have become the new celebrities. What are some of your favorite accounts that you follow/want to give a shout-out?

Andrea: !!!!! I have many !!! obviously my dog @fantasticmrtobi / My first muses here in NYC: @edgar_the_weiner @lifewithpenny @nelsonthepup @jeditheshihtzu  / Super creative accounts like @dogwithsign / And super helpful accounts like @calmcanineacademy -- hahaha sorry I have so many! 

LSoP: Could you describe your art process? Do you listen to music? Turn on a film? What tools do you use to create your artwork?

Andrea: Honestly it depends on the day. Somedays I will turn on a Spanish show and watched it while I paint, other days I will listen to salsa or jazz. And other days I would just call my mom and talk to her while I paint haha. 

LSoP: How did you find the pin making process? Are you as obsessed as we are with this incredible medium? We can not wait to release your pins THIS WEDNESDAY!


Andrea: I love it - Im a big pin fan and own many myself! and can't wait to see all the dogs wearing pins on their jackets this fall!

LSoP: You’re very active on Twitch. Does having a Twitch channel help drive sales? Do you find it more therapeutic to have human interaction?

Andrea: It's so fun! It helps me to be chill and relax after work. I have an amazing community that's super supportive there! It definitely helps to drive sells. We have a twitch store and other benefits for subscribers where they get access to more affordable and customizable products. 

LSoP: What’s next? What does your future hold? What’s your dream project?

Andrea: My dream projects are children’s books! Hopefully soon! 

LSoP: Andrea, thank you again so much for sharing more about yourself and art process with all of us. We know that your dreams will come true; your style is perfect for children's books!

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