Thanks for everything, Jim Formanek

by Little Shop Of Pins on Nov 16, 2023

Thanks for everything, Jim Formanek

We're beyond saddened to hear about the passing of Jim Formanek. Who is he, you ask? Jim is one of the first people we met when we started working with The Jim Henson Company. Jim is the gatekeeper for approving everything that we're able to turn into your pins. 

Jim had been with The Jim Henson Company for over 20 years and had a deep deep passion for everything involved with there. 15 of those years, Jim was the Director of Consumer Products. We were fortunate enough to work with him in his final years, but sadly we never had the opportunity to meet in person or get a REAL chance to get to know each other. What I can say with absolute certainty, is that he LOVED art and creativity. We would often chat about artists we work with and his love for being in the epicenter of the creative world.

Selfishly, I'll miss Jim because he was such an incredible person to work with. He knew each character like they were his own child. He could describe how a character should look in just a few words. He trusted us. He trusted us to make good decisions and he loved it when we would present him with new artwork and would sign off on it with only a few emails. 

We don't know who'll be the next person in line, but they have some enormous shoes to fill.

Thank you for everything, Jim. 

Rest in peace.


Please read more about Jim and his contribution here.

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