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Killer Cuties Sweet Dreams Large Vinyl Sticker

Killer Cuties Sweet Dreams Large Vinyl Sticker

Regular price $3

Your favorite Killer Cuties Sweet Dreams pin is now available in sticker form! Isn't he just the cutest and DEADLIEST you've ever seen? I just want to hung him and rip him to SHREADS! You can stick this guy just about anywhere, but just be careful. He might not come off. EVER. 😈

Sticker Details:

Glossy coated vinyl 

2-4 year weatherproof


All Stickers are by StickerApp. Here is what StickerApp has to say about their stickers:

   "Our materials have been hand chosen by our team to ensure the highest quality. with the exception of kraft paper, wall stickers and matte stickers all materials are 2-4 year weatherproof withstanding everything from sunny days to the harshest of weather. Durable for cars, dishwashers, and anything else you could think of."

Sounds pretty rad to us!