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Halo Halo Set
Halo Halo Set
Halo Halo Set
Halo Halo Set

Halo Halo Set

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Back on 2013, we created an art piece for Hero Complex Gallery with 100% of the proceeds going to the Philippine Red Cross. Taking the lives of 6,340 fellow human beings, Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded.

We were proud to create a piece which would not only benefit the Philippine Red Cross, but also bring a smile and express our love for some of our favorite Pinoy desserts, halo halo! For some, it's a little too much to handle but for most it's as common as apple pie. 

When you first see halo halo, people tend to be surprised to how pretty it is. There are so many colors and textures to look at, and once you're done looking at it, you get to eat it...and then drink it! 

We've seen so many different variations of halo halo, but they all have the same base ingredients. Sweet beans, coconut gel, ube ice cream, coconut strings, palm fruit, jackfruit, plantains (or a creamy-ish banana) and evaporated milk. It's basically the Pinoy version of Hawaii's shaved ice, but way more awesome!

If you ever go to a Filipino restaurant or even see a Jolibee, make sure you treat yourself to halo halo!


1" (sm), 1.5" (lg), .75" (sm bubble), 1" (lg bubble)
Epoxy Filled Soft Enamel
5 Black Rubber Pin Clutches total

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