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BANGARANG! Enamel Pin - Red Glitter
BANGARANG! Enamel Pin - Red Glitter
BANGARANG! Enamel Pin - Red Glitter
BANGARANG! Enamel Pin - Red Glitter

BANGARANG! Enamel Pin - Red Glitter

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Hook, a 1991 movie classic directed by Steven Spielberg and staring Robin Williams, is one of our favorite movies from childhood. We love the new story of Peter Pan as an adult who has to revisit Neverland to save his children from the evil Captain Hook. With this new story line comes new characters and we immediately fell in love with the badass that is Rufio, leader of the Lost Boys! That hair, that attitude, that… midriff! Who could forget?!

RUFIO! RUFIO! RU-FI-OOOOOOOOOOO! Dante Basco brought this character to life at the early age of 15, and we can still hear his mighty crow. We collaborated with the leader of the Lost Boys himself to create this special lapel pin for all of his fans to enjoy. Dante hand wrote "BANGARANG!" for us. That's right! RUFIO HAND WROTE "BANGARANG!" Now you too can join The Lost Boys and battle against Captain Hook!

BANGARANG! is a gold and red hard enamel lapel pin with lots of glitter for some extra Rufio flare. The pin has two posts for extra security so you can trust that it won’t go anywhere. AND not that you needed another reason to purchase this pin, but Dante Basco’s signature is stamped on the back too! I KNOWWWWWWWWW. So badass.

We're extremely happy with the high quality of this pin and know you will be stoked too. Don’t forget to follow Dante on social media @dante.basco and let him know how much you loved Hook and Rufio yourself! He really is the nicest person ever and loves to connect with his fans.


Gold with RED Glitter 
Approx. 1.5" in size
Gold Plated Hard Enamel
2 Black Rubber Clutches

*Dante Basco signature stamped on back*

  Click here to upgrade to the deluxe locking pin clutch and save on shipping. THIS ITEM REQUIRES TWO (2) DELUXE PIN CLUTCHES