USPS tracking issues.

by Little Shop Of Pins on Dec 15, 2022

We've received many many emails regarding tracking numbers showing "delivered" prior to the actual delivery date the order was shipped. We've reached out to all of our shipping partners to find some answers. There seems to be an issue happening with USPS right now. We printed a bunch of orders on Monday (12/12) and every order from that day seems to be having the same issue – either it says delivered (to a different state) OR it says it was delivered over a month ago.

We reached out to our 3rd party shipping service, and their response is below. 

Hi Little Shop of Pins, 

Thank you for reaching out and for using Shippo - happy to help!
We had other users report that several of their USPS labels purchased on Monday, 12/12, reflect old tracking information. Please note that USPS recycles tracking numbers, which is why this old tracking information is being displayed. This was immediately escalated and investigated by our engineering team.
USPS informed us that this issue was resolved yesterday, 12/13. Moving forward, users should now be able to create new labels successfully. They confirmed that for any packages shipped with the recycled labels should be delivered fine - they will just be flagged as having duplicate tracking numbers. The carrier also shared that it is possible that the correct tracking status will update in a few days. That said, please continue to monitor the tracking status on USPS' site.  
I apologize for any disruption caused by this but I hope you find this information helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns - happy to help!
We hope information puts your mind at ease because it scared the crap out of us when we started receiving emails and looking into it. 😫

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