New Year, New Artists! Everyday Olive

by Little Shop Of Pins on Jan 04, 2023

New Year, New Artists! Everyday Olive

First up: Everyday Olive

Everyday Olive is a wife, husband and cat team founded in San Francisco, California. Lauren and Jon got married in 2016 and created an enamel pin inspired by their black cat Olive as their wedding favor. After the wedding they noticed their friends and family wore their Olive pins often and many inquired if they would make others. They began brainstorming ideas for new Olive pins. Lauren had years of retail merchandising experience and always wanted to start her own business, and Jon had a background in product design and was eager for a chance to freely express his creativity. Soon Everyday Olive was born. Lauren and Jon have had so much fun designing their cat-centric collection of accessories and gifts. They love sharing cat stories with their friends on Instagram and at craft shows and conventions. These stories inspire many of their designs and bond them with their community in a special way. In 2019 they moved down to Los Angeles to expand their business and continue to chase their dreams. Olive is loving the sunshine and continues to inspire the brand every day.


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